Monday, January 27, 2014

TRYING TO PLAY NICELY WITH THE WILLFULLY OBTUSE ( why it's a waste of time trying to reason with conservatives these days... )

         Yesterday's edition of The Tennessean (motto: "All your Grammy winners and Nashville connections in glorious color photos!") contained at least one flash of brilliance amid all the repackaged USA Today "McPaper" news...  Local columnist Gail Kerr wrote a scathing article in which she blasted a Tea Party member of the state's legislature for having filed a legally questionable bill to prevent city, county, and state governments in Tennessee from using the Affordable Care Act health care exchange website, and to cancel contracts of any firm doing business with city, county, or state government if THEY use the health care exchanges.  Kerr laid into local state Senator Mae Beavers in a snarky, sarcastic manner that made my blog post on the bill look absolutely Pollyanna by comparison.  It was an epic takedown of a legislator who only files bills if she can pose as the most conservative person in the building, making sure her positions are always just to the right of John Birch.  In short, it was a beautifully written cruise missile right up Mae Beavers' ass.

           I was so impressed by Kerr's column that I responded directly to her email address, and by leaving a comment in the on-line version of the Tennessean.  Out of curiosity I went back to the on-line comments section, and what I found there was quite telling, in a sad sort of way.

           For every person who left a thankful note under Gail Kerr's column, there were several hateful rants from conservatives.  Anyone who spoke in favor of her sentiment and against the bill Senator Beavers had filed was attacked, ridiculed, and in some cases told to "leave the state".

           I've finally come to the conclusion that this is exactly what's wrong with this country, and what's wrong with the GOP these days:  liberals and progressives are willing to play nicely with willfully obtuse people, but the angry, elderly, white base of the state's GOP can't even tolerate the words of moderate Republicans.  And in their eyes, anyone to the left of Ayn Rand Paul and Louie Gohmert is a closet liberal.

           While the GOP currently holds filibuster proof majorities in both houses of Tennessee's legislature, as well as the governor's office, it's hard to see how this knee-jerk naysaying is going to evolve into a long term political lock for Tennessee. 

            After all, at some point someone is going to have to recognize the fact that we're going to (sooner or later) run out of old, angry white men as a voting majority in this state, and in this country.  Since the GOP seems determined to chase off any demographic that doesn't fall into that description, they're as doomed as dinosaurs.

            Maybe that's why they're so angry all the time?



Katy Anders said...

There is no right hand edge to the conservative movement anymore.

No matter how wacked-out somebody is, three days later somebody is going to think of a way to go even further to their right and the entire conservative online community will be calling yesterday's conservative a RINO.

squatlo said...

That's EXACTLY what's happened in the comments thread of the column I wrote about... moderate Repubs are blasted a filthy liberals and told to leave Tennessee.

Think I add a Monty Python clip to my post...

Kulkuri said...

If it was really just a bunch of angry old white men, one could hope to outlive them. There are a lot of angry young white men coming along to replace the old farts. Who do you think is doing most of those nasty comments??

squatlo said...

Kulk, the vast majority of the hate filled comments are being left by older white guys with nothing better to do with their time, if their attached photos are any indication.

You're right about the angry young men in the pipeline, but most young people know what time it is. Seems like the only bunch still stuck in the 1950's are the ones who have fond memories of segregation and women staying barefoot and preggers in the kitchen.

bj said...

For sure those folks are NOT a help to the Republicans who would really like to regain the majority. If the GOP had any sense (I dunno from where it would come) they'd force the Tea Partyiers out and make them form their own party (I read this morning of the Koch Party)to isolate them even further from the Lame Stream. If antagonized by both other credible Parties, they wouldn't vote for Repubs of Dims .... and if antagonized long enough ... they will eventually go the way of the Dodo .... and the "compassionate conservative". They just censured McCain for his liberal (BEHGHAZI!) voting (OBAMACARE!) record (IRS!). Fucking ... John McCain. sheesh!

squatlo said...

Beej, the comment that got me most was the one in which a teabagger referred to our current gubner as a "liberal".

Bill Haslam is a liberal to that guy.

I doubt any politician would be radical enough to suit him, short of Stalin or Il Duce...

the yellow fringe said...

The country can withstand this shit for a few more years, but if it doesn't die out eventually it will ruin the nation, or spin it into the dark ages with the Taliban.
We have the same crap in KS, state run offices of any kind cannot help or advise or suggest how to get Obama care, oh and a really good one, it's a crime for a doctor to say guns are dangerous or should be locked up or kept out of reach of children. Meanwhile the state repubs just had the convention and announced the moderates in the party did not attend and were not missed.

squatlo said...

YellowFringe, it used to funny to ask "What's the matter with Kansas?" until their shit spread all over the country.

The gene pool needs more chlorine.