Monday, November 25, 2013

... AND REPUBLICANS ARE FURIOUS! (Thank God! What would we do for entertainment if we couldn't watch the GOP meltdowns over every issue under the sun?)

          I've noticed a pattern.

          Just glancing through the paper or watching the news, it's obvious that members of the Republican Party has serious anger issues.  They always seem to be pissed about something.

          For example, instead of launching a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear sites, like certain prominent members of the GOP have been urging for months and months, it turns out the Obama administration has been involved in secret negotiations with Iran for more than four years.  Those top secret talks weren't shared with members of Congress, thus bypassing the inevitable leaks, divisive criticism, and gridlock that characterizes almost everything that takes place in Washington.  And because Obama didn't confer with those who would have loved to have thrown multiple wrenches and roadblocks into the works, the U.S. and Iran may have negotiated a deal to at least slow down any efforts on Iran's part to develop nuclear weapons.  And that my friends, makes war mongers angry. 

          After all, here was a perfectly good war, just waiting for someone to push the right buttons.  We're winding down our misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the idiot in charge in North Korea seems to be masturbating or something, because he hasn't shot off any missiles or threatened our allies in that region in months... which means we're about to be war-less!  And we simply can't have that~!  There must be a conflict brewing SOMEWHERE that needs our military, right?  Iran was our last, best hope for a major military intervention, and now that Kenyan Muslim usurper in the White House has fucked it up by negotiating an agreement!

           Republicans are furious.

           Why, just last week Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate nuked the favorite plaything of the right by changing the Senate's rules for filibustering Obama's appellate court appointees.  They've used countless filibusters to snarl up the nomination process ever since Obama took office, and claim it's to prevent the tyranny of the majority.  Or something.  So after years of playing nicely with the GOP, and after multiple promises to work in a more bi-partisan manner were pledged by Mitch McConnell and then promptly ignored, Harry Reid used the "nuclear option" and changed the rules for filibusters. 

           And Republicans are furious.

           Rush Limbaugh compared it to a group of men voting to decide whether or not to rape a woman.  Because it's hard for Republicans like Limbaugh to go more than a day or two without making a truly offensive rape comment.  They have to say something offensive involving rape, because it's their default position for analogies on any subject.

           Anyway, some of the same GOP-ers who were urging the exact same nuclear option when THEY were in the majority, are now apoplectic that Democrats actually followed through on their threat to reform the filibuster rules.  Personally, I think it was a huge mistake that will come back to bite Democrats in the butt one of these days, but no one gives a shit what I think.

            What's fun to watch is how MAD everyone on the right is about it.  While I might think it was a mistake on Reid's part, I've got to admit it's been entertaining as hell to watch those asshats sputter and fume about this raw power grab on the Democrats' part.

             At least it's changed the subject for the Sunday talks shows lately.  There for a while I was beginning to believe the GOP was stuck on Benghazi Fever and didn't have a fallback faux rage position.

            And that would be tragic.

            'Cause Republicans have to be furious about something.  The War on Christmas, or the War on School Prayer, or the War on Teaching Creationism in Biology Classes, or the War on Health Care Reform.  Something has to be on their pissed-off-radar, or they start to eat their own. 

             Want an example?  Stop by the Cheney household when the sisters sit across from one another this Thursday and carve into a turkey.

              I'd love a ringside seat to THAT Republican outrage.

              Wonder if either of the Cheney kids has a concealed weapon permit?


Kulkuri said...

You hit the nail on the head, how dare Obama work for peace??? Doesn't he know we need to have a war brewing somewhere, or what's the point of spending more than half of our annual budget on the military??????????????

Katy Anders said...

It's always wonderful fun going to or, because you're right... anger issues.

And not just anger issues, but indiscriminate anger issues. This week, the fact that Obama used Terry Richardson for a photoshoot in 2007 (Richardson sometimes takes naughty pictures of women) sent everyone into a Benghazi-like tizzy.

Because Benghazi... Richardson... same thing, right?

Maybe I'm just too happy.

squatlo said...

Obama could have hired me to take their photos, 'cause I'm not allowed to take naughty ones. My lovely (and dangerous) wife has a policy. And I've had requests, too... dammit.

But, I'd rather have the baby I love happy with me than see the hot bits of someone who doesn't love me. As Ron White says, "That's not always been my policy!"

Because I like where my lungs are currently located, and the fact that they don't have ribs protruding from them, I go with whatever I'm told are the new rules. It's not nice to piss off mother nature (when she's a 4th degree black belt in Wado Ru)!

shle896 said...

This definitely is the case with Fox "News". It's like they all receive a memo of the day about what to be "outraged" about. It's ALWAYS something and 95% of the time it is directed at our brown president. It's pathetic what they do to their scared, old, white male viewers who carry around that "outrage" all day long, completely oblivious to the real news or to anything but the very most negative spin they put on everything. It's laughable at this point, how they all buy it hook, line and sinker.

Buford said...

Now they have Pope Frank to get pissed at...or at least the Catholics...Pope Frank will be fun to watch as all the crimson and gold heads explode...
I do know about wife and Shotokan and do not piss her off...I have a Black and Blue belt in begging forgiveness...

squatlo said...

Buford, I've learned to just lean away instinctively if I see her coiling up to strike. I'm getting pretty quick for an old, white guy.