Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WORSE THAN WATERGATE (or Pearl Harbor, or Hitler, for that matter....)

             The most obvious problem with hyperventilating over every perceived "scandal" that comes your way, including the daily doses of faux outrage expressed over every hiccup in the news, is that after a few years people begin to yawn and ignore your cries that "the sky is falling!"  You can only cry "Wolf!" so often before your warnings are seen as background noise, an annoying minor chord droning on behind the scenes, there only as a reminder that your party is still out of power and pissed about it.

              So it goes with the scandals du jour being trumpeted on the cable news networks.  Remember Fast and Furious?  Remember how it was "worse than Watergate"?  Remember the Socialist overreach of The Affordable Care Act?  How it would end democracy and the free market as we know it?  Remember those Death Panels the individual mandate would cause?  Remember Shirley Sherrod at the Department of Agriculture?  Remember the ACORN "scandal"?  Remember when Obama used executive orders to stop deep-water drilling in the Gulf after the Deepwater Horizon BP oil rig disaster?  The War on Christmas?  The War on the Easter Bunny?  The bailout for General Motors?  The Dodd-Frank financial reform law?


              And in every single one of those cases we had talking heads pointing back to the darkest days of America's most corrupt and paranoid political administration:  It's worse than Watergate!

               Even if Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hunkered down in the Situation Room and watched the Benghazi attacks in real time (as some suggest they did), and even if they concocted an elaborate scheme to obfuscate and then cover-up the real reasons for the attack in an effort to protect both his and her political ambitions, this wouldn't be worse than Watergate.  Even if Barack Obama directly ordered the IRS to target teabagger groups (and why WOULDN'T the IRS look into the tax exempt status of folks with "Taxed Enough Already" in their damn name?) it wouldn't be worse than Watergate.

              Heavy sigh.

              So out from under his rock in his undisclosed, Google-Earth proof location crawls the Dark Lord himself, to point to the Benghazi tragedy and grumble, "I think it's one of the worst incidences, frankly, that I can recall in my career".

              For Dick Cheney, the guy who helped out an active CIA operative, the guy who helped orchestrate the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq, the guy who signed off on our Guantanamo Bay gulag, the asshole who smugly shrugged off the torture and abuse of detainees from Abu Ghraib to a hundred dark op sites around the globe, the guy who got stumble drunk and shot a friend in the face, then flew back to an undisclosed location while his aides sobered him up and hid him from public scrutiny, the guy who... well, I could do this all fucking day and not have time to eat.

              So it's worse that Watergate?  Where the White House directly ordered the break-in of a rival Party's headquarters to gain inside information, then micro-managed the ensuing cover-up.  It's worse than Watergate, where the President of the United States had the director of the FBI conduct unconstitutional probes into that President's political enemies lives and finances.  It's worse than Watergate, where a special prosecutor resigned after mass firings at the Justice Department left him no option to proceed with his duly-appointed investigation.

              You can only cry Wolf, or Watergate, so often...

              And you can only ignore your own Party's crimes against humanity for so long.

              At some point, history will provide the needed perspective on the day's events, and when those books are written this administration's worst offenses will seem a whiter shade of pale next to those of the last.




okjimm said...

Hey.... I heard that OBAMA routinely watches the NBA play-foffs....AND makes bets with Michelle on the outcome. Now....if sleeping with a black woman in the White House isn't bad enough.... gees.... impeach him!

Mister Ornery said...

Where's Roseanne Roseannadanna when we need her?

"I don't know what all this fuss is about Ben Gazarra. I thought he was a good actor, besides which he's dead now and I loved him in T.H.E. Cat way back when. Not so much in Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze but - "

"Roseanne, it's Benghazi, not Ben Gazarra."

"Oh. Never mind."

The GOP would do well to heed that last. Never mind.

squatlo said...

mr. ornery, I believe the Gilda character with the "nevermind" catch-phrase was named Emily Latella (pardon the spelling guess)... but I believe you're right on target with the gist of the comment.

They're fixated on a non-story, while actual scandals involving the Justice Dept. and the AP get barely a hiccup. The right always rails against the press and print media, so it's no surprise they aren't offended with 1st Amendment rights are trampled. But touch that 2nd Amendment and their assholes pucker up big time.

And Ben Gazarra was great in The Big Lebowski...

Bulldog Deb said...

The scandal is these these so called leaders we elected to serve us. The scandal is a lack of focus on jobs, our children and their education, fracking gone wild in this country, our neglect of our elderly and veterans, nothing to aid the homeless, allowing mass foreclosure to take place, neglecting the obvious climate warming that is going to decimate the damn planet, allowing monsanto to grow power and we are too lazy to boycott frigging Walmart amongst other corporations that could give two you know whats about our asses as long as we buy, buy, buy...and we do because we are now powerless to stop these greedy people from feeding us poison food. I could gone on but I get angry and I am subject to just start cussing.

squatlo said...

Bulldog Deb, I wish you'd stop beating around the bush and just tell us what you REALLY think!

Actually, you sound like my kind of person: so pissed by the absurdity of our nation of self absorbed, narcissistic neurotics to make our elected officials even CARE about the things that really matter.

People in other countries look at our politicians and conclude (rightly so) that we're too stupid to be the world's sole remaining superpower, and thus deserve whatever horrible fate awaits our empire.

But the fact is, there are huge numbers of us who DO know what time it is, who DO care about the fate of our planet, and who DO know better than to fixate on bullshit when the really important things are fixable.

The problem is convincing the masses to change their priorities.

I doubt we'll ever become a nation as erudite or rational as those in the rest of the free world. Our neighbors to the north have to scratch their heads and wonder why we elect idiots instead of leaders, and what can we say in our defense? "They had more money"... That's about it.

If rational, thoughtful people were in the majority, we wouldn't need a government in the first place. The globe would sort out its problems rationally, and borders wouldn't matter. But the mean and stupid rule, and the best we can hope to do is occasionally put someone in office who can tell time.

Thanks for your comment, one of the best I've gotten on this site.