Sunday, February 17, 2013

"NO AFRICAN-AMERICAN NURSES TO CARE FOR BABY, PER DAD'S REQUEST" RESULTS IN LAWSUIT (Flint hospital reassigned black nurse to placate racist baby daddy...)

          A black nurse working at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan was reassigned to another ward after a man bearing a swastika tattoo demanded the hospital prevent African-American nurses from caring for his newborn child.  Tanya Battle, a nurse with 25 years of service at the hospital, found a note on the baby's chart reading "No African-American nurses to care for baby per dad's request" when she reported for work the following shift. 

          The hospital's lawyer objected to the request, the note was removed from the baby's chart, but according to a lawsuit filed by Battle's attorney, no black nurses were ever assigned to care for the child during the month it was in the hospital's neo-natal intensive care.

          At what point does common decency compel a hospital administrator to tell a patient or that patient's guardian that their request will not be honored? Why not just tell the asshole he can take his child to another, more bigot-friendly facility if he doesn't like the way they operate?  I would have given this sumbitch about ten seconds to decide if he wanted the child cared for at my hospital, or not.  He could pack his shit, arrange for an ambulance to move his baby, and hit the road Jack, or he could shut the fuck up and agree to have his child treated like every other child in the building.

           Catering to shitheads like this bastard is one of the reasons we're still dealing with this pre-Civil War mentality in America today. 

           I hope Tonya Battle takes enough out of that hospital's liability fund to make them reassess future requests like this one.



bj said...

Dad will probably turn out to be just another white trash meth snorting welfare recipient like other of his ilk and with any luck, Karma, the Bitch (or Hooey Gods, as some refer to them)will schedule an emergency surgery sometime in his near future that will require a transfusion. Perhaps Dad will end up with a "pint of Kramer" coursing through his veins. Dad is well within his rights to be as bigoted as his Uncle Grandpaw. The hospital, on the other hand, should pay the price (monetarily and publicly) for complicity in that bigotry, though. Hope the child recovers, Bless his heart, and good luck to him/her ... with parents like that, he's gonna need it!

J.O.B. said...

That kid doesn't stand a chance.

squatlo said...

This all goes back to my theory that the wrong people are having babies.

And let's face it, they're spawnin' faster than meth lab explosions and deer stand accidents can cull the herd.

Katy Anders said...

If Dad could explain how refusing black nurses had something to do with his religion, he could turn himself into the victim and have a cause celebre on his hands!

squatlo said...

Shit, Katy, isn't being a skinhead neo-Nazi a religion? Makes as much sense as any of the others I've heard of. At least their bigotry and intolerance is right up front, instead of cloaked behind a lot of stained glass righteousness.