Friday, February 8, 2013

ANGRY MOM PULLS SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUN ON ANOTHER MOM AT CHUCK E CHEESE ( good thing none of the kids were packing heat...)

           Okay, this one probably doesn't deserve our attention, but then again...  Let's see if we can get past the gory details before we pile on the usual snark.

           Apparently, a couple of kids were rough-housing around the rides at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Newington, Connecticut, when one of them pushed the other off of a ride.  The mom of the pushed kid scolded the child who had pushed her daughter, and things escalated when THAT kid's mom told her to "watch her tone" when speaking to her son.  Harsh words were spoken, and at some point Tawana Bourne pulled a semi-automatic .380 handgun from her pocketbook at chambered a round.  Threats were made.  The police were called.

          When the long arm of the law arrived, they found that Ms. Bourne was not only armed, but had a legal gun carry permit for her weapon.  They confiscated the gun and the permit, charged her with breach of the peace, 2nd degree threatening, 3 counts of risking injury to a minor, and 1st degree reckless endangerment.  Her bond was set at $50K.

           First of all, if you're taking your little darlings to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, you have to expect a few things to happen when you get there.  The kids will be super-hyper, fueled by sugar bomb soft drinks and lousy pizza, and they'll be manic to play on every game and ride in the place before they're drug off to the family minivan by frazzled parents.  The only saving grace I can think of for enduring that kind of masochistic chaos is the fact that the Chuck E. Cheese I spent a few hours in served very cold draft beer to the adults.  It was almost enough to make the rest of the experience bearable.  Almost.

           But no one pulled out a pistol the night I took my kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  If they had, I probably would have asked them very politely to kill me on the spot.

            Now, the NRA would have you believe that Ms. Bourne, being a legal gun-packin' mama, had every right to bring her weapon along, just in case some NUT pulled out a gun or something.  After all, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, right?

            Well, what if some other gun-totin' mama had decided she'd seen enough to warrant an intervention, and had decided to open fire on Tawana Bourne in a Chuck E. Cheese full of kids?  Which side of the feud would the NRA and Wayne LaPierre be on?


One Fly said...

Maybe there is something to be learned here since guns are not going away. That is you pull a stunt like this dumb bitch did where there is no real threat - that there is a HUGE price to pay for your freedom of threatening or terrifying innocents.

Kulkuri said...

I clicked on the Carol Burnett outtake vid and was hearing some stupid fucking commercial for Fucking Comcast (they're fast to come hook you up, but you play hell getting them to come get their shit when you want to quit). Took me a while to figure out I needed to scroll down and stop this fucking vid. I hate when they start automatically. Had one like that on my blog recently and I loaded a bunch of posts to move it down off the page.

squatlo said...

Kulk, the autoplay feature on some embeds pisses me off, too. But.... what're you gonna do?