Tuesday, January 8, 2013


       Apparently the loon who went ape-shit on Piers Morgan's show about gun control has a bit of a history of "over the top" behavior.  As a matter of fact, Alex Jones was briefly detained by the TSA at an airport checkpoint on his way to that very interview... something about not taking off his shoes, as required.

        After he left the Piers Morgan "interview" he posted a video in which he claimed to be in fear for his life at the hands of "crackheads" or assassins sent by Mayor Bloomberg...

        Anyway, you can read all about it here, if you want... or just have a look at a photo taken of him during the confrontation with TSA agents prior to his arrest:

This guy has a radio show, and frequently loses his shit while on the air.  Here's a pretty good example of a man behaving badly during a broadcast.  Remember the good ol' days when lunatics and cranks were scorned and ridiculed?  Now we make them AM radio hosts or elect them to the House of Representatives.


Randy Mealer said...

You got fkn spammed again? I was waiting for other comments before I posted my take on Alex Jones.

squatlo said...

Randy, I get about twenty five spam comments per day, and sometimes it takes Blobber a few minutes to find and delete them from the site.


Do go on...

Ol'Buzzard said...

They should have done a cavity search - but he probably would have enjoyed it.
the Ol'Buzzard

Katy Anders said...

I love quacks and cranks, but this guy is an idiot.

Jones operates out of Austin. Austinites call his show "Tin Foil Hat Radio."

They used to show him on Houston local cable access. he would do things like go to the DMV and refuse to give his finger print. This would lead to those poor DMV workers rolling their eyes and trying to ignore his screaming tirades.

He'd then keep screaming and screaming until they finally kick him out, at which point he'd accuse them all of being jackbooted NWO thugs.

It's enough to make me question being a black helicopter conspiracy theorist...

Spud said...

Paul Revere was most likely spurned also.
Yes he is most definitely over the top, yet look past the hype at the roots...
Then go study a bit of history.
Or just be lazy...your choice.

squatlo said...

Spud, are you suggesting that this guy is some sort of modern Paul Revere? Seriously?

The way I understand his argument, the Constitution doesn't protect gun ownership for the purposes of hunting or sport shooting or home protection, it's to ensure the potential for an armed rebellion in the event of governmental overreach or dictatorship.

Fine and dandy sentiment. But this was a document written shortly after a war of independence, with grave doubts about the survival of a new republic.

Can we put aside the paranoia for a few minutes and agree that
1)Americans are never going to face a dictatorship from their own government
2) said government is never going to insist upon confiscation of all weapons
3) knee jerk reactions aren't helpful on either side of this debate?

When drunk driving became an issue a couple of decades ago, we passed laws strengthening penalties for the offense, promoted sober driving, and began sobriety checkpoints and stops to help curtail the problem. That was a problem that was taking less than 1% of the number of lives lost to gun violence annually in America.

Can we not even DISCUSS reasonable restrictions on weapons of mass destruction without hearing some tin foil hat NRA conspiracy theory about black helicopters and New World Orders?

heavy sigh...

And you might be right about the lazy part... guilty as charged.
I'd probably be a slacker on your compound.

Mooner Jonnson Says Fuck Walmart said...

Squat. This is the same Austin, Texas, asshole who tried to start a New Branch Dividian organization because of his theories of conspiricy re: Waco.

Spud. Paulie R. was likely spurned as well? Really?

What history do you suggest we might read that would demonstrate your masked point? Can you start by demonstrating a single confirmed instance wherein the Brit Redcoats attempted to take muskets from the Colonists before PR's midnight ride?

Your boy Alex Jones plays you and others for fools. He's an actor, dumbass, and well-paid because human evolution has a branch headed back to our Neanderthal roots. He seeks every possible issue to rev-up the imbeciles.

Oh, and by the way. He either is, or pretends to be, a Nazi. Fuck Alex Jones and if you follow and support him, you too, Spud.

OK, and FUCK WALMART as well.

Katy Anders said...

You can laugh and point at this guy who appears to be a raving lunatic, but just remember: They laughed at Galileo and Copernicus and Liberace, too!

bj said...

I'm thinking Mr. Jones is in the wrong business. His rants are Fundamentalist religion werthy. Dood oughtta have his own tax free Church. I hear the Moonies are looking for a new leader, soooo there's that. To me Alex Jones is as incoherent as most of the spam I receive here on Blogger ... filters or no.

squatlo said...

I don't know if anyone's laughing at Mr. Jones. Most of us watch him in full-blown rant and think to ourselves, "Lewis Black is funny when he rants. This guy looks dangerous."

Perhaps the reason Morgan had him on to defend gun rights was precisely because of his volatile nature. What better way to put loons on exhibit than to have this guy as your foil for a gun debate?

Because of that, we're all the poorer.

A rational, reasoned debate might be helpful. This clown is just an asshat who really needs his meds adjusted.

Having him defending gun ownership is a lot like Faux News putting Alan Colmes up as the liberal "everyman". Paper tigers are so much easier to defeat, you see...

You don't see Hannity inviting Bill Maher or Jon Stewart to a battle of wits, because he'd get his ass handed to him.

This Alex Jones character is proably proud of his appearance on Morgan's show, and is no doubt cashing in on his new-found notoriety.

In other words, his fifteen minutes is just beginning to tick.

Even Glenn Beck was embarrassed by the guy's behavior, and that's saying something.

Randy Mealer said...

The thing I find disturbing about Jones and LaPierre's take on gun control is no one digs deep enough into their thoughts. LaPierre says to protect against a bad guy with a gun requires a good guy to have a gun. How do you tell a good guy from a bad guy? (Hint: Their skin ain't lily white.) I tell people I talk to that the new Black Panthers have volunteered to patrol the schools in Philadelphia. They somehow decide that guns in school are not such a good idea in that case.

squatlo said...

Randy, it might be necessary to beef up security at schools because of this massacre, but arming teachers isn't the way to do it... and that's exactly what they're proposing here in Tennessee. I wouldn't trust half the teachers I had in school with a chalkboard eraser, much less a semi-auto pistol.

Putting armed resources officers into every school isn't a ludicrous idea, but we have to remember that we can't idiot proof everything everywhere.

There will always be vulnerable institutions. I'm not sure I want to live in a country where everything is locked down tightly with armed security...

Love the Panther aspect of your argument!