Wednesday, January 2, 2013


           I found this video on eBaum's World.  This lighting innovation might turn into something huge for the developing world, as well as a functional camping accessory or survival light system.

           Here's a link to the website devoted to this project.


One Fly said...

I find this very interesting. Want to make friends in the bush around the world give each village a couple of these and a soccer ball.

A device that could handle more weight may be able to light up a fairly large area. That would be huge.

The quality of street chop under the pale of open wick kerosene lamps will remain in question.

squatlo said...

One Fly (and I always carry a box with a million flies I never tie on...) I'd add a water filtration device to that grab bag of goodies. Access to clean water will be the dividing line between life and death in the very near future. You can go without artificial light a lot easier than without drinking water. However, there's no need to stop there: If you really want to advance third world living conditions, information is key.

We have to educate people to their potential to help deal with the problems of their environment and governments. The fact that third world conditions persist in this day and age is unacceptable.

I think back to Joni Mitchell's line from "Banquet":

"Some get the gravy
Some get the gristle
Some get the marrow bone
And some get nothing
Though there's plenty to spare..."

One Fly said...


I will confess to not buying a fishing license last year. I miss fishing I can't tell you how much. For years fish with just the one fly and will catch just as many or more than others. Use a dropper in the deeper water. The Colorado was my play ground between State Bridge and below Burns for some miles. I think the fishing situation is going to change pretty soon though as there is a move in the future.

Fish has been on my mind a bunch! Early morning on the 8th I will arrive in Costa Rica and I'm headed to the feria in Atenas that morning and if there is fresh fish to be had it's mine! Other than that I'm getting on a bus for that buck five ride to the coast and there will be some had for sure.

I regret that I have no video of myself fishing in one of my favorite places. When we did this the clouds rolled in and it's too bad it was not brighter. Hard to do by yourself. LINK

There's plenty of interesting running water around in CR. I'm told there is nothing in there worth while. I don't believe it for a second.

squatlo said...

One Fly: Thanks for the fishing vid! That definitely has my fever up... I didn't go out last year at all, and don't really have a good excuse. I topwater fly fish for bluegill and bass in the rivers around here in middle Tennessee, and use a standard popping bug most of the time.

Two summers ago we camped on the Caney Fork River east of here and I snagged a four pound brownie while fishing from an inflatable belly boat. The trout came up under the bug, swirled past it and got foul-hooked in the belly. Try turning a 22 inch brown trout in fast current when you've foul-hooked him...

It took over thirty minutes to land, and I never would have gotten a hand on the fish if not for the help of a wading fly fisherman who had a net.

I wouldn't know what to use to fish in a Costa Rican river, but I bet the locals can help with that!

I envy your experiences!!!

One Fly said...

It is the internets - - but I think I can say one of the persons in that video is a two time Tennessee HS state golf champion. It can be just too much fun. I was counting on this spring the $1 lifetime senior license Colorado has. You needed to be 64. I was so into the dollar thing rather than 26. I'm cheap now - real cheap.

One Fly said...

Forgot to say catching fish like that happens in the spring and fall for me. It's like they're not into it or something and it's a whole different deal. Fight like hell for sure.

I have never been fond of trout and kept few of them.

jadedj said...

Damn this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing it, Squatlo.

James Buchanan said...

Very interesting concept, but unfortunatly, needs third world development, parts and makeability there. With nothing on hand. Scrap leftovers for parts, and make available in the area of use. Wire wound armatures, metal springs, do not make a livable enviromental friendly light. Very nice camping light. Very first world, second world friendly for the enviromentalist. But I agree with the water people, solve their water, issue, and life gets easier, Too bad no one makes scifi water harvesters.