Thursday, November 8, 2012

THE GOP AS AN ENDANGERED SPECIES? (can the wrong people have enough babies to save a political relic?)

         Few things in life are as revealing in the harsh light of the morning-after than a political tsunami, and a lot of Republican bigwigs must be clutching their purses on the corner of Wall Street and Reality Boulevard today... 

         When the choir has been listening only to the preacher for its information and news, the bracing gust of cold air from the opened cathedral doors can be a shock to the system.  And you can believe this: the Republicans who put all of their trust into the spin doctors of talk radio and Faux News Channel are in shock and denial today.  "How could this happen?  We were told everything was trending our way!"

          But when the finger-pointing grows tiresome and the Tea Party lectures about the GOP's failure to nominate a "true" conservative are all blustered out, pragmatic Republicans have to look to the narrow demographics of their base and wonder if this might not be the last election in which they even had a chance to be relevant.

          There simply aren't enough angry, white, southern men, sexually repressed Evangelicals, and closeted gays in America to offset the new political reality.  While individual state races will continue to be won by anti-abortion zealots and the occasional Ayn Randian, the future of the Republican Party on a national level is precarious, at best.

         And hows this for irony?  Republicans are privately beginning to curse the Electoral College, with some suggesting our elections be decided by the popular vote.  Obviously, that's a turn of events in and of itself. 

         So where does the Party of Lincoln turn for voters in the future of national races?  The Latino vote may be lost forever due to the clumsy and insulting language of the previous primary debates.  No one candidate (Marco Rubio, anyone?) is going to cause millions of Hispanic voters to change party affiliation overnight, especially when the rhetoric of the Republican teabagger base is still screaming for electrified fences and "papers, please" legislation on the state level.

         Think women are going to come back to a party that continues to rail about reproductive rights, contraception, and abortion?  You might not have noticed, but 20 women are taking their binders to the Senate in January...

         There simply aren't enough Kid Rocks, Ted Nugents, Hank Williams Juniors, and Sheldon Adelsons in America to make hate and anger a viable political movement anymore.

         The last dinosaur must have looked around with the same confusion.

          Where'd everybody go?



Kulkuri said...

I hope they double down on the crazy. That way maybe my dream will become a reality, to see the FuckingRepublicans become the Whigs of the 21st century. They would have gone full circle, from Whigs and Know-Nothings in the 19th century to the Know-Nothings of today and as insignificant as the Whigs!!

Mooner Basks In The Glory said...

Squat. I'm with Kulk. Let's not help them figure this one out. Better marketing of a poisonous product is still dangerous to our health.

squatlo said...

Help them figure it out? Perish the thought (as well as their party!)

Actually, I've been trying to find a way to sound magnanimous in the face of very surprising (to me, anyway) outcome. I knew the GOP was on shaky ground for the future election cycles due to demographics and a very narrow base, but thought they had the money and suppression tactics necessary to pull off one more huge Fuck America before they stumble off to the tar pits of history.
Happy to know they've chewed up the hemlock four years early.

Eagerly awaiting a visit from our favorite troll, unless he slit his wrists Tuesday night.

bj said...

Anyone remember 2008? I still have a folder full of pictures declaring the death of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement from back then. Remember the midterms in 2010? "I" was the one with spittle flying all over my beard as I raged. And it's deja vu all over again. Yeah, they're disappointed and very angry right now, but their devices werk very well on the ignorant herd .... regardless of what COLOR they are. I fully expect to see a revamping of tactics to include Hispanics and women and these fuckers WILL be back, stronger than ever. The HAVES .... still DO .... and they want THEIR country back. Vigilance and COURAGE, fellow babies .... Vigilance and Courage .....

J.O.B. said...

IMO, this election should be a lesson to the Republican Party. This Tea Party Conservatism just doesn't work. It seems that they were voted in in '10 to spite the Black man.
But I think, or would like to think that the American citizens are starting to wake up. You can't elect candidates based on stalemating and anger. If you do, you find out that nothing gets done. We elect our officials to serve us, plain and simple.
The Republican Party has a lot of work ahead of them. They opened the door for the Tea Party, and it's going to be a little while longer before it can purge itself of such a bad experiment. Personally, I think Republican Party can get back on track, but it will be awhile. They still have the HOR, but I'll give that another four years at the most.
My biggest piece of advise to the Republicans would be to leave the bible at home. Leave a woman's rights alone. Start accepting homosexuals as people. And stop signing Norquidst's "No Tax Increase" petition.

squatlo said...

JOB, if they take your wise advice, leave their Bibles at home, leave women's reproductive choices to women, and accept gays as "people", what's left of the Republican Party and the right? You've just cleaned the slate of conservatism, other than the fiscal insanity they champion as "austerity".

I tuned in and listened to Rush and Hannity yesterday, every minute of both shows, and basically got a reminder of why that Party is in the mess it's in: they're still insisting that doubling-down on the crazy is how they'll win back the White House and Senate. More of the same, only more-so. Compromise? Never!

According to the righties, what went wrong was nominating someone who once held moderate views on matters of common sense. A true conservative zealot would have been oh-so-successful against Obama, don't you see?

So you'll have another mini-revolution as the Tea Party ratchets up the anger, points fingers at the Party elites who insisted they abandon Santorum or Bachmann for Romney, and demands the heads of all involved.

Pragmatic, thoughtful folks won't get a word in edgewise... 'cause mobs don't do nuance.

bj said...

Today, Conservatives are denying anything happened on Tuesday. What was it Goebbels said?

J.O.B. said...

Sq- You may be right on your first point. LOLOLOLOLOLO
Myself, my Republican side does not like the amount of money we spend. We have a serious debt issue in this country. We need to find ways to get that shit fixed. I say Defense spending, and that's where most Conservatives will get their undies in a bunch. There is a place for Republicans and Democrats. I believe we actually need that to balance the power. But my opinion is that the Tea Party brings nothing but close-mindedness and anger to the floor. That is something our country does not need.

You listen to Hannity and Limbaugh? I think you're more Republican than I am. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

"According to the righties, what went wrong was nominating someone who once held moderate views on matters of common sense. A true conservative zealot would have been oh-so-successful against Obama, don't you see?"
This is a great statement Squatty, and very true. But I think the problem is in the nominating process. As long as you have this Tea Party influx, along with Koch money, we will continue to see Republican Flip-Flopping. Candidates will change positions in a 6 month period every four years.
I think Romney placated to the ultra Right Wing, just for the nomination. I think his move towards a center wasn't for independent votes, but more of what he felt. That opinion is based off of what he did and how he voted while Governor. No one will ever know exactly what he thinks, except for God. And Joseph Smith.

squatlo said...

JOB, I tune in to hear Rush or Hannity not because I find their views insightful about policy matters, but because I find them instructive about the mindset of conservatives.

Read a bit of Sun Tzu, understand that "knowing your enemy" is the key to defeating his ass, and you'll have some idea why I put myself through the Limbaugh grinder from time to time.

It's all part of the Art of War... (plus, I like to hear crazy as it happens)

J.O.B. said...

I figured as much. That is a great book.