Friday, November 16, 2012


           Anyone else amused by the antics of the sore losers lately?  I didn't think this election could get any sweeter, but by god it's a daily sugar rush watching conservatives bitch and sulk in front of the cameras.
           First of all, there are enough pissed off people signing petitions to secede from the union that the White House will soon be obliged to tell them (oh-so-very politely) that they can't leave the United States (but thanks for asking!).  No matter how much we'd like to cut Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi off of the government tit, it looks like we'll have to refuse their generous offer to go it on their own.

            And then there's the food barons and titans of industry who are cutting their workers' hours, or adding Obamacare surcharges to their customers' bills, in order to express their unhappiness with the President's re-election.  One coal company prick who forced his miners to show up for Romney events has already announced layoffs in response to the election results.

            Businessmen, many of  whom are having their highest financial returns in decades, are so upset about Obama's win that they're taking it out on the people who do the actual work.  That'll show 'em who's boss, right?

            And you can tune into Faux News Corpse any hour of the day and hear someone railing about the administration's handling of the Benghazi tragedy.  John McCain was so determined to hold a press conference yesterday where he could bitch about not being given sufficient information on the disaster that he missed the committee hearing wherein that information was delivered.  When asked about his absence from the hearing, McCain told reporters to 'fuck off, that's why'! 

             Like I said... sweet! 

             Instead of turning their attention to the fiscal cliff crisis, or working together to revive the American economy, Republicans are trying as hard as they possibly can to continue the war they've just lost.  They're like stranded soldiers on various island atolls who haven't gotten the word that the surrender papers have been signed, fighting on 'til their last dying breath, hoping upon hope that somehow, if they make enough noise, the public will ask for a mulligan.

            But all they're doing is reminding voters of why GOP obstructionism has to be remedied in the 2014 midterm elections.  If these folks don't want to get along, we really should make an effort in two years to move them along to other endeavours in life.

            In the meantime, this is must-see TV.  Raise a glass whenever you hear a disgruntled Republican and you'll be hammered by mid-afternoon.


Mooner Basks In The Glory said...

Squat. I think that the comedy will just keep on giving. How great is it to see some of the Repub politicians try to separate themselves from their TV and Radio pundits?

Smushed Limbergher calls Chris Crispy fat and Gov. Bobby Jinglebellsall calls Herr Schmidt Rommel "just wrong"!!!

The makeup sex is going to be interesting. Disgusting, but interesting.

bj said...

I love the schadenfreude and encourage them to continue their shenanigans through the mid-terms - goodby Baggers! .... control of the House + control of the Senate + control of the White House = another Democrat victory in 2016. By 2020? Republicans may be on the VERGE of trying to compromise and werk for the good of the country ..... If there are any SEVERE Conservatives LEFT by 2020. The ones that don't die off naturally .... can off themselves, Naturally .....

the yellow fringe said...

I don't know if they can correct their current problem, except by outright massive lies. If they can just perfect a wink, so everyone knows they are racist and women haters and zealots and greedy and don't want to give anyone down a handout, if they can do that, smile and lie about those issues, maybe they can bring a few more suckers over. But I don't think they can, my racist brother can't. He believes they aren't tough enough is the problem, they need to push the niggers out of the schools and move them all down by the railroad tracks where they came from in the 50's, thats how the GOP can win.