Tuesday, November 20, 2012


           I've got a confession to make, and it won't come as a surprise to any of the rightwing trolls who might be lurking around the periphery of this blobber...  I'm a HUGE fan of Michael Moore and his films.
           I'm one of those who pays to see his movies in the theaters, then goes out and purchases copies of the DVDs when they're released.  I'm one of the reasons Michael Moore is a reluctant member of the 1% he often rails about.

           But the guy has championed some noble causes in his career, and I think we'd all be better off if our government operated by his blueprint instead of the one currently in use.  He's been a long-time supporter of organized labor, blasted Wall Street before it was cool to blast Wall Street, exposed the lies of the Bush administration's rush to war with Iraq, fought to bring some sanity to our nation's gun control laws, and pitched a bitch about our failed health care system long before Obamacare was even conceived.

           In short, he's one of the good guys in my book. 

           Recently, Michael Moore penned an open letter to President Obama in which he laid out a wish-list of ten things he would urge the President to do during his second term.  He prefaces his letter with reasons for his disappointment in Obama's first term, but as usual, wraps it up with hopeful (to the point of naivete) rhetoric about his wishes for the remainder of Obama's presidency.

            You can read his detailed explanation for each of the following "suggestions" at this link, but here's the gist of it:

1) Push the rich off of the fiscal cliff (make them raise taxes on the top 2%, or force a vote that would require the GOP to refuse to cut taxes for the other 98%)

2) End the wars.  (Don't waste another American life in Afghanistan or Iraq, and stop the drone attacks)

3)  End the war on drugs  (Amen...)

4)  Institute a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions

5)  Get money out of politics  (good luck with that one... Citizens United anyone?)

6)  Expand Obamacare  (push for a single payer system and get the insurance industry out of the mix)

7)  Restore Glass-Steagall  (re-regulate Wall Street before they gut our economy again)

8)  Reduce student loan debt

9)  Free Bradley Manning  (whistleblowers should be rewarded, not put in solitary)

10)  ASK US FOR HELP!  (and here's where Moore is 100% on target...  instead of dropping those millions of email addresses now that the need for campaign cash has ended, use that communication network to push a progressive agenda.  Mobilize the social networks used in the election to put pressure on Congress to make drastic, meaningful changes)

               At the end of Moore's open letter he posts his cell phone number and an email address where he can be reached.  I'm sure both are symbolic, but hey! it's a good symbol...  You've asked us for money relentlessly since the first day of the campaign, now's the time to ask us to mobilize on your behalf to move progressive issues to the front burner. 

               I realize most of the things on this list of ten "suggestions" have little chance of ever being priorities for the White House.  But I wonder why we allow our cynical natures to prevail when an election mandate is in hand...  Obama beat the shit out of Mitt Romney in this election, and Republicans are still pointing fingers and blaming one another for the defeat.

              There's profit in confusion, and there will never be a better time to move boldly on a sweeping scale than now.  Obama disappointed millions of us with his non-confrontational approach during his first term, and now has an opportunity to push the radical, liberal agenda conservatives have been bitching about for four years.

              If not now, when? 


Patricia said...

Exactly Squat. It is high time. He needs to act like the leader he promised to be. I am hopeful, that he will really go FDR on it and get a REAL jobs program going,I don't think that was on the list. The economy is till wreaking havoc on Americans that are struggling for unemployment. Maybe if there were better jobs than Walmart, students would be able to pay back their debt. I like your choice of hero's. We need more like him.

Patricia said...

I meant with unemployment. Duh!

bj said...

I actually received an email from Jim Messina at eliciting suggestions, thoughts and ideas on issues I felt needed attention, and with plenty of room for essay answers, too! Yes, the first part of the survey was about my participation in Obama's re-election, but the second part was about the "Direction" our "Movement" should take as a Party. Didn't ask me to make a wish list per se but DID want my thoughts. I didn't get an email like that after 2008 ....
Don't set yourself up for further disappointment, though .... you won't see Barack, The Angry Negro THIS term either .... he's still building bridges ....(see Gaza Attacks)

Ol'Buzzard said...

Moore should run for Congress. He would be a powerful voice.
the Ol'Buzzard