Wednesday, November 7, 2012


          A couple of thoughts from the grotto...

          If you were a billionaire and invested millions and millions of dollars in this election cycle only to watch each and every one of your chosen candidates lose, and badly at that, would you be happy with your "investment" today?  Sheldon Adelson and those lovable Koch brothers must be looking at Karl Rove with something less than admiration right about now...  His American Crossroads Super PACs raised hundreds of millions of dollars for this election, poured that money into ad campaigns in key battleground states, and almost every single candidate supported by Rove and his merchants of evil got hammered at the polls.

          Watching Rove have a turdblossom of a shit-fit on Faux News as that network (correctly) called Ohio for President Obama was priceless television.  I had changed over to that cable channel during a commercial break on a real news network just in time to see Rove insist that Ohio was still in play.  Megyn Kelly had to jump up and walk her mini-skirt all the way back to the room where the numbers crunchers were working, get them to tell her in person that Ohio was a done deal, then do her pageant strut back to the set, just to tell Karl Rove that he was a fucking idiot.  Rove looked absolutely stunned that real numbers and facts were going to be trusted above his hopes and dreams.  Considering it was Faux News Channel, I can understand why he might be surprised to find facts being used instead of fantasy.

          With any luck at all, Karl Rove will slink away to clear brush with Curious George in Crawford or something.

          But back to the money boys and their shattered dreams...  For all of the wringing of hands about Citizens United and its toxic effect on American politics, it doesn't appear that unlimited cash from the titans of industry made any difference whatsoever in this election.  Sure, the President and his people had to raise obscene amounts of cash to counter the flood of corporate money, and obviously that money could have been put to much better use by any number of charitable organizations.  But really, what did Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers get for their millions?  Bitter disappointment... and lots of it.

          A few weeks ago they were crowing about taking the Senate out of Democratic control.  Didn't happen.  In fact, they lost seats.  And some of the wingnuttiest of the teabaggers in the House got rolled out of office.  No point in listing the losers who lost their seats in Congress... you know who they were, and the less said about those assholes the better.

         But can you imagine how it must feel to be rich beyond your wildest dreams, unfettered by campaign finance laws, and STILL unable to buy an election?  In any race?  Even when you're pooling your lucre with like-minded corporate whores?  It must be humbling as hell.

         Or at least, I hope it is.  I hope the money boys who donated seven figure checks to folks like Karl Rove are mad as hell today... and see to it that people like Rove disappear from our political scene entirely.

         Seeing Rove and his ilk slinking off into the sunset would be even sweeter than watching Obama give his acceptance speech for a second term in office.  Can we finally, at long last, be freed from the sight of George W. Bush's henchmen being hailed as political gurus?  These bastards gave us most of the problems our country is trying to recover from, and the sooner we put them in our rearview mirrors the better off we'll all be.



the yellow fringe said...

The death star down the street, Koch Industries, did just fine at state level. They gave over a million, distributed to every stiff running for anything in Kansas if they were an (R). Won almost everything, hardly a democrat left in office here even in city positions. They did the same in Arkansas but I don't know what the outcome was. 2 years ago they did the same in Wisconsin, that launched some of that states troubles.

the yellow fringe said...

Oh, clarify, not a million each, distributed amongst them.

Bustednuckles said...

Speaking of watching low life skeezeballs slithering off in the sunset, Joe Lieberman is a gone motherfucker finally.
I have been waiting six years for this moment.

BTW, glad to see you got a little break and felt the urge to come back. I can honestly say I missed your sense of humor and your unique way of putting it out there for us.Yer hilarious dude.
I was hoping you wouldn't be able to resist.

jadedj said...

...and in spite of all the voting machines that Tagg Rmoney could have altered (why are there two "Gs" in that affected, asinine name?)...they still lost.

Welcome back...and on a positive note, too!

MRMacrum said...

Just couldn't stay away could ya? Had to come back to crow. Well I am glad you did. Great post.

Mauigirl said...

Couldn't agree more. Maybe Super PACs will control themselves in the future and not spend as much - we need to have money take a lesser role in our election process! Glad to see you have returned to blogging! Catching up!