Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AW, DAMMIT! SAY IT AIN'T SO RICK! (Texas governor reassures nation by refuting rumors of secession)

       By god, we just can't have nothin'...

       Back before the Republican clown car primaries, one of the potential candidates for the GOP nomination made some headlines by suggesting his home state of Texas might have to resort to drastic steps if the federal government didn't reign in some of its socialist policies.  Governor Rick Perry told supporters he would entertain secession from the union as a potential option.  It was all a part of his hilarious race to the right of John Birch, which led to his aborted run for president.  Oops.

       Now that there are petitions flowing into DC from various disgruntled folks around the country who want to be "released" from the United States of America, Perry isn't quite as cavalier with his comments.  Well, actually, Governor Perry's spokesperson was more guarded.  We have no idea if Perry even understood the question.

       A group in Texas has collected 60,000 signatures in support of a petition to secede from the union, according to this report.  I'm pretty sure if they passed that petition around the country and asked folks if they'd support allowing Texas to secede, millions of us would sign up and give our blessings.

       Of course, Tennessee is one of the states with a similar petition to the White House, though ours has fewer signatures so far.

        C'mon America.  Let Governor Perry know we'd support his decision to take the Lone Star State out of the union.  Then they could build that fence as high as they want it... along the northern border of the state.



the yellow fringe said...

Go TX go. Close those military bases, cancel the military contracts at Lockheed, Bell, and others, more tax dollars go into TX than come out, I say put a pencil to it. Maybe Mexico would like to weigh in, they have some old deeds to that place to, maybe it should go back to them.

Infidel753 said...

Don't get too down. One good GOTV drive among Hispanics in Texas and it will be a blue state. Then we can watch the good ol' boys seethe impotently.

bj said...

Prick Perry's name has already been mentioned as Republitard nominee for 2016 .... in AMERICA .... not The Secessionist States Of Republica! Think of all the merchandise Moo will be able to unload if THAT happens! heh

Grung_e_Gene said...

So Close! So Close! We could have been free of their yoke!

squatlo said...

Ah, the yoke's on them, Grungegene, 'cause in a few years the immigrants they've been railing about in Texas will outnumber the Louie Gohmerts and Rick Perrys. T'will soon be a royal blue state, one we'll be proud to court every election!

Mooner Johnson, ex-patriated Texan said...

Squat. OK, first, I have already mailed my letter requesting that President Obama accept the Texas application to secede.

Second, in anticipation of my request getting Presidential approval, I am ordering Tee shirts that say, "Austin, Texas--Mexico's northern-most state. Viva Zapatos!!!"

I thought "Life for Shoes!!!" would be appropriate for the ass kicking the Mexicans will give Texas for acting like such assholes to our southern neighbor.

Now the asshole Prick Perry doesn't want to secede.

Fuck Rick Perry and seced anyway!

Kulkuri said...

Like Yellow Fringe said, with just the military bases and shit, the Feds are the largest employer in Tejas. Jerk that out and the state would go Tits Up in a New York minute.

notacynic said...

Kind of on the subject:

Ol'Buzzard said...

Let's put a fence around it - electrify it - surround it with border patrol...treat it like the US has historically treated Cuba.
the Ol'Buzzard