Monday, January 3, 2011

STATE BY STATE "BIRTHER" LEGISLATION IN THE WORKS (stay tuned for viral "stupid'...)

          There are legislative efforts underway in many states to make the presentation of a birth certificate a requirement for election qualification in those states, all designed with the intention of furthering the deluded conspiracy theories that insist our current president was never born in this country and is therefore ineligible to hold the office.  The fact that these ridiculous claims have been officially refuted by every court that has heard lawsuits of this nature matters not to those who carry this banner, because there is profit in their madness.  To continually question the authenticity of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is good business for the right, for certain politicians, and for a certain cable television network.  Even if it's utter bullshit, it rouses the ignorant rabble and panders to their fervent belief that somehow, someway, this black man in the White House simply MUST have stolen the office.
           Unable to have their idiocy validated on a federal level, the so-called birther movement has gone on a state by state campaign to make the 2012 presidential election of Barack Obama jump individual state hurdles of varying degrees of difficulty, all with the intention of keeping the "issue" front and center in hopes of somehow thwarting his reelection.  If the man took his birth certificate and personally presented it to each and every mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, inbred carnival working mutant who demanded such proof, they still wouldn't be convinced or dissuaded from this lunacy.  Efforts being made by Hawaii's current governor  (who knew Obama's parents and has testified to the President's birth in that state) to clear up this mess once and for all will be futile, for the same reasons NASA can't convince certain folks that the moon landing actually took place on the fucking moon and not in some Hollywood studio or New Mexico desert.
You simply can't convince those who are determined to believe otherwise.  Like they say, you can lead a man to knowledge, but you can't make him think.
            Here's my solution to this mess.  Whenever I hear someone say they don't believe the President of the United States was actually born here and is an American citizen, I ask them to show me proof that they graduated from high school.  And when they offer to show me their high school diplomas as proof of their graduation, I tell them there are hundreds of sites on the internet where one can order, pay for, and acquire realistic high school diplomas.  Their "diploma" would prove nothing to me.  I would need to see high school transcripts, grades, see depositions from their teachers and high school principal, classmates, and anyone else who could verify their bullshit story.  And even then, I'm just one person in one town in one state.  If they want to prove their graduation fairy tale to America, let them convince every single one of us with the same proof, over and over again.  And unless they're willing to play along, we'll just assume they're hiding something.  Maybe they're even subversives, planted here decades ago with a long term terrorist agenda!  It might be a good idea to drop a dime on their asses to the Department of Homeland Security, in fact!
             Just a thought...


microdot said...

In reality, things are so simple in the United States. You might not think so and neither did I until I married a French Citizen...
Now, I spend hours dealing with their bureaucratic paper work fetish. I have my multi colored folders and I spend joyful hours helping my wife neurotically search for some obscure stamped official piece of paper that she knew she had to hold on to 25 years ago.
This is a little country, smaller than Texas, but the paper work probably has destroyed a forest the size of Saturn.
After the Franco-Prussian War, Paris was a socialist anarchist place called The Commune and during it's evolution, the anarchistic parisians decided to destroy all the records...all the birth and death files, the tax records! They trashed and burned all of the paper they could find, but ha hahhhh!
The Thiers government had outsmarted them and the major technological advance of the age was the invention of microfilm!

squatlo said...

Microdot: they're introducing legislation in several states to require proof of citizenship this year, (along with several states which are implementing immigration laws as Draconian as the ones in Arizona) so this birther bullshit won't go away. Nothing anyone says or does gets them to accept the truth, and it makes sane people crazy trying to convince the loons see the way they're being played by the right.

French paperwork, eh? Must be maddening in its own right!