Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PERHAPS PALIN SUFFERS FROM "ALIEN HAND SYNDROME" ( just looking at the clues... )

        There's an interesting story over at BBC News concerning a condition known as 'alien hand syndrome,' and it might help explain some of the quirky behavior of America's quirkiest politician.
         According to this story, Alien Hand Syndrome is a medical condition caused when the two halves of the human brain lose contact with one another, either by result of accident or through surgical procedure.  When that happens, the left hand literally doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa.
          A study was conducted on epilepsy patients who had had a certain region of their brains removed in an effort to cure their epileptic symptoms.  In severe cases, doctors cut the corpus collosum which connects the two halves of the brain and keeps them in constant contact with one another.  In some cases, the results were frighteningly strange.
           One woman (featured in the article) had physical fights between her hands.  One hand would begin to undress her in public, quite without her knowledge.  In other cases, that hand would stub out a cigarette she had just lit and put down on the edge of an ashtray with the other hand.  Some patients were filmed actually having hand to hand combat, like angry children squabbling over toys.
            I'm not sure if any of this applies, but can you think of anyone in the national news who might be suffering from such a disorder?

             Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove had a love/hate relationship with his hands in that film, and maybe this disorder explains the odd behavior.

            On the other hand (sorry...), maybe these are just terrible examples of regular folks having bad days.  Anyone can have a bad day...


Mooner Johnson said...

Squat. Left-on, brother. I wonder how she decides which hand to use when she rubs one off.

Discovered that my comment widget program is being "rewitten". Hope to fix soon and get comments posted right. Still picking and choosing on its own.

Just posted a short update on Texas' "Butt Budget Bungles". Is Sarah Palin from Texas?

Mooner Johnson said...

Wait. That photo shows Georgie Bushkin on his best day.

Mooner Johnson said...

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I appreciate how easy it is here at Squatworld to post a comment. Where else do I have a forum to vent my perforated spleen. I owe you an icy cold Carta Blanca beer.

squatlo said...

Mooner, two things... I've given up on your comments clusterfuck. If I can't go back and read your snarky replies or follow along with the replies of others, why spend five minutes fighting through the CAPCHA briars to bother leaving a comment? Been telling you it's a mess, don't have a clue why yours is different from every other blogsite in cyberspace.

And that hand gesture by Curious George is yet another display of willful stupidity... akin to a Gator Chomp... which we all know is just a nervous tic common among the children of parents who were siblings.

Mooner Johnson said...

Squat. Your comments have mysteriously appeared, so please come back. I'm working on the funky-pictured amalgorythmic gymnastics required to post.

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I must have it too, every time I see her my right hand goes up and the middle finger comes out.

squatlo said...

mooner, I've already been over there and left another snide remark (great post, by the way) even though I think your site discourages commentary.

YDGranny? We might be connected at the hip. My left hand shoots here a bird, usually because I have a beer in my right.

Meghu said...

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